CGP understands that the storage, handling and processing of dry bulk powders can create a vast range of production constraints such as:

  • Quality of product
  • Lost production
  • Blocked pipes
  • Plant/equipment damage

The end result:
Lower productivity and higher production costs


Relative humidity (RH) levels are difficult to counteract as they change throughout the day and seasons, to minimise the effect of product build up, mechanical devices such as vibration pads, hammers etc are often fitted to equipment prior to delivery, however this approach does not solve the basic problems of products still lumping together
CGP’s desiccant dehumidifiers effectively control the relative humidity, by preventing the lumps forming in the first place there is no need for mechanical devices

Typical processes that can be adversely affected:

Silo storage
Storing of dry bulk materials in silos can cause issues, operators are fully aware of the negative effects of excessive moisture, relative humidity (RH) can lead to some major losses in production and in turn profits, excessive moisture can be eliminated by controlling the (RH) and the dewpoint of the air inside the silo
CGP’s desiccant dehumidifiers effectively control the relative humidity, preventing sanitation and powder handling difficulties arising during storage

Tanker storage
Road haulage industry has for years searched for a solution to protect dry bulk materials from moisture damage, our transportable drytainer holds the correct humidity levels in the tanker weather on the move or stationary ensuring a free flowing high quality powder

Bagging/process production areas
Production areas can also be adversely effected by excessive moisture levels causing production downtime, ruined products and for ease of cleaning as the air-bourne dust when settling on production equipment remains in its dry form
CGP’s desiccant dehumidifiers effectively control the relative humidity, preventing the normal day to day excessive moisture constraints

CGP extraction systems ltd are pleased to announce an agreement with Swedish firm MUNTERS, worldwide market leader in the latest and most advanced dehumidification equipment, both companies work closely with one another to ensure the client has been provided with the very best dehumidification system as possible

Initial site visit
We watch the production process which enables us fully understand the specific system required, this includes talks with not only Management but also the employee(s) directly affected, the consideration of plant location, access and specific best practice are ascertained

Design stage of system
After considering all off the initial site visit constraints we design a specific application system to best serve all your needs, an emailed quotation will be sent specifically outlining your project scope, this will explain fully how the system will be installed, at this stage we would ask for it to be accepted or for production and process reason scope to be modified

Final site visit
This visit will take place for final project demands to be measured finally and scope agreed, if scope remains unchanged then quote will be valid, if scope changes then further revised quotation will be emailed for your approval by return

Site installation
The agreed scope of project will be installed

After agreed scope of project installed 1 day shall be spent commission plant(s) design performance criteria Typical system components: